Final Four games and Preparation

Last night’s Final Four games in Phoenix gave us two fairly common end-of-game situations: foul or defend (Gonzaga up 3, S. Carolina ball with under 10 seconds to play) and make free throws down the stretch (North Carolina holding off Oregon with under 10 seconds to play).

Gonzaga perfectly executed the foul situation, rebounded the missed free throw, and won the game.

North Carolina missed free throws down the stretch, but got every single offensive rebound.

I think it’s especially tempting to call the North Carolina ending lucky, but I was struck by what I read about these classic end of game situations on Twitter:

These coaches and players were ready for any situation the end of the game was going to throw at them – they’d done it before in practice. On a surface level, it’s a great reminder to us coaches to make sure we have our team prepared for any and all situations they’re going to encounter. At a deeper level, it leads to a challenging question: as I think about my plans, hopes, and dreams for the future, am I also planning ahead to any situation that might occur?

What if your biggest goals, dreams, and aspirations came true tomorrow? Can the foundation you laid yesterday and today hold and sustain them?

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