I’m always struck by the difference one person can make in the climate of a room. I have one student in particular that always brings a contagious energy with him wherever he goes. People like being around him because he makes wherever he is more enjoyable for everyone.

Paradoxically, his contagious energy is most noticeable when he’s gone. It’s when he’s missing that what he brings most stands out. Our class is worse off because he’s gone.

We’re all needed in this world. God chooses to work through human partners, and reminds us time and time again that we are needed and necessary to bring His kingdom on Earth. The world is poorer if you are not fully present in it.

Be you. Engage in the world, and pursue the things that fill you with passion. You are needed and necessary in order to bring positive change in this world. It can’t be done without you. The gifts you possess, the passions you have… they all combine to make the world more full.

We need you.

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