Why We Love Underdogs

One of my favorite books is Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. In the book, Miller challenges readers to tell a better story with their life. Here’s the thing about good stories though:

Good stories involve adversity.

As I watch March Madness, I’m reminded of how much we love underdogs. Everyone loves an underdog story, a story of an unlikely candidate overcoming the odds. What we don’t love is when we ourselves are the underdog, because when it’s us, the easiest thing to see is the obstacle that stands in the way.

That obstacle can be your excuse for why you can’t, and it might totally be legitimate. But what if the obstacle wasn’t the excuse? Instead, what if you were determined to make the obstacle the story?

We love underdogs because they don’t allow their shortcomings, problems, and adversity to be an excuse. Like David vs. Goliath, underdogs make the obstacle the story.

What obstacle is staring you in the face? What seems to be stopping you from telling a better story?

It might be just the thing to make your own story great.

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