The Law of the Bamboo Tree

The Law of the Bamboo Tree has quickly become one of my favorite anecdotes for living a purposeful life.

“You start with a little seed, plant it, and water it for a whole year, but nothing happens. The second year you water it again, nothing happens. The third year you water it, and still no sign of your effort. How frustrating! If you stayed consistent and continued to water it into the fifth year, the tree finally sprouts and grows up to ninety feet in six weeks!

The improvement process is much like the Chinese bamboo tree; it is often discouraging. But great things happen if you remain persistent when you aren’t seeing the results. If it seems like all of your hard work isn’t adding up right now – be patient and keep watering the bamboo.”

The purpose of TeamMeckes is twofold:

  1. To serve as an outlet for me to share some of my thoughts and ideas, refine them, and continue watering the bamboo as I chase my dreams.
  2. To add value to your life by presenting my ideas, conversing with you, and sharing resources that I’ve found helpful in my journey.

Keep watering!

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